Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summah Time!

Tagged along on one of mikes surfing missions.
I played Andy Goldsworthy, making sculptures
on the beach, while homie got gnarly.

The cherry and dogwood blooming outside the
window is my official start to summer.

Did the Dog Mountain hike with Mike and Alissa
again and saw some cool flowers.

After the hike we stumbled upon some pipes!
Mike and I took some rides before we headed
back to Portland.

On a weekend street mission James cracked a wheel
in half. I had never seen this happen before. He kept
Skating on it and it eventually broke off during a trick!

Untitled from Matt Yula on Vimeo.

Summer Squash Stew

These dudes rolled through town in usual form.
They went straight to Los Gorditos off the highway.
Van Uno tournament.

Kelly came into town (!) and we went to the river spot.
Almost everybody made it out to hang.
Definitely one of the radder days of the summer.

Mufukas think they Tarzan n shit.

Kelly was in rare form the whole trip.

On the way to the river Benny called just in time
for me to make a u-turn and swoop him up.

"Say hello to my inflatable friend!"

A couple days later I went berry picking with
Benny and Anna. We each got more than we
could possibly eat. Awesome!


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