Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, I had all this stuff from camp that would have been
awesome to post. Then I lost the camera on the last
day. Since being back everythings been pretty crazy
and I have not even thought about putting anything up, but
now have a camera and started playing with it this week.

Been working at the market on Sundays selling sick pasta.

Its nice hanging out at the market, everybody is super
happy and no matter how you feel (I have been pretty
destroyed from skating on Saturdays) it rubbs off
on you.

They took out a water fountain at school and put
in this thing! So weird. It definitely feels like
your in some sci-fi future.

Falls here. Most definitely the best season.

Been super busy with school (I should be doing
work right now). Getting my Bacillus on.

Crossing Hawthorne bridge is the best part of my bike commute.

That other bridge.

I now live 13 blocks of slight down hill to this place.
"Its the closest you can get without living in a cardboard box."

Probably going to have some skate stuff to put up after this
weekend. Midterms will be done and I don't work the market.
If I've been talking to you on the phone- thanks. Oh! And
sorry I have not mailed you your bag Mom. Its on my list.