Thursday, September 1, 2011


The first half of the summer I worked at
a nature camp right outside of town. As
far as summer jobs go there really could
not have been anything better. That said,
summer is for play! It really felt like the
beginning of this summer was the short
backpacking trip with Erin, Brian and Alissa.

We went to Badger Creek area which is
out in the Gorge. We made "base camp" along
a strong creek for the weekend and hiked
a total of twenty four miles.

Remnants of the areas logging past. Laaame...

Squirrels gathering sticks.

Waking up in the woods rules.

Pumping water

At first we thought the camp site we ended
up with was not all that hot, but by morning
it was proving to be super awesome.

Pre-hike yoga-ing

There were tons of downed trees that made
for fun balance beaming.

Group shots! Gotta savor those awesome times.


Erin said...

I love your commentary. You did a great job of capturing the trip in both words and pictures. Fun times, indeed!

Anonymous said...