Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Semesters Haps

Yeah I made a mega cookie, what?!

Yea man, smash the state!

Ben: the forefront of 2010 skate fashion.

Tried to take an arty skate photo with Dom.

The idea was to capture an ollie with the reflection in the puddle.

We found the angle, but the sun was going down...

Oh man, difficult choice on the caption for this shot.
Definitely "Darkness on the Edge of Town" era...
Gonna go with- "Baby if you want to be wild
you got a lot to learn."

Went to see Do Make Say Think!

Peep the horn section in the balcony.
Awesome!!! The opening bands were all
members of the band playing solo/side project stuff.
The Happiness Project was the show stopper
band- music made to mimic the vocal harmonies
of people talking. The whole show was definitely sick!

So, in Urban History the Professor mentioned that
there is a cupola at the top of pioneer courthouse
here in Portland and that as students we could
ask the guards to let us up to check it out.
I was probably the only dork who actually did that.

Yup, this is a courthouse.

The cupola wasn't really that amazing.
It would be a sick room to rent? Still,
it was cool to explore another little nook
of the city.

On a good day there would be a sick view of Hood from
the cupola. It was actually pretty good the day I was up there,
the camera fully zoomed in doesn't do it justice.

This shot is from a different day- when the sun comes
out in February in OR it is an event.

Another warehouse. Dom has got a key and been
shredding as a key holder should. Not in on this, although
there is room to donate some rampage... hmmm?

Making a hip into the wall on the right would be sick.
Needs some bowl action, but the ramp is super fun!

This alley cat that lurks on the side of my house has the
soul of a true bad ass. "We got a problem here?"

This week the cherry trees bloomed. So sick!
Yeah, anyone complaining about winter in
Portland doesn't know whats up.