Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silver Falls

Back in May Alissa and I went down to Silver Falls
for the day and hiked the trail of ten falls.

I was psyched on this picture because the creek
is actually making an over 90 degree turn.

Definitely used the fisheye lens too much on
this trip, but that's what new toys are for...

Nice scenery.

Nicer scenery.

The fall above was really cool up close. Not
a great photo, but it gives some perspective.

Awesome sitting spot under an overhang
behind one of the falls. Below is the view.

The hike back is really mellow along the top of
the canyon with views of some of the falls.

At the last fall there was a couple displaying
some intense P.D.A in the mist and some
rad sun coming in through the trees.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Been A While

I've been slacking on putting stuff up here, but
now there's five months of photos to share.
Awesome. Lets do this.

Been rolling down to the park a bunch, mostly
mellow cruising, but having a lot of fun.

Got a new camera toy. Mike fresh mugging for
a new fisheye (held up to a point and shoot.)

Backsmith into the corner.



Gonna post more stuff soon, check back.