Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last of the Digi Photos

Started off the summer with an awesome hike up
Saddle Mt. Definitely the best view I've seen in
a long time. From the top you can see Mounts
Hood, Adams, Jefferson, and St. Helens. Also,
there is a sweet view of the whole coast and
the Columbia emptying into the Pacific at Astoria.

Made a strawberry blueberry shortcake for Independence Day...

and went over to the Main st. cul-de-sac for BBQ/fireworks fun.

So psyched to see Dom walking again!!!


There was a torch malfunction- Ellen to the rescue!

The evening got really fun once the fireworks
started going, but like a total tool I dropped
my camera breaking it. I like that the last
photo clearly shows that this was due to-
having drinks. I blew it!

Not to end on a bummer tip- On two occasions
this summer I have been lucky enough to
make it out to the Hood River Skatepark!
Sooo fun...

Also been working all the time at the pre-school/
daycare. Can't complain- three days a week
we go on trips and most of the time they are to
super sick natural areas! Best office ever!

This picture makes me feel like this job is meaningful.
Its awesome taking kids out into nature.

A bunch of NYC/Philly heads came through over
the past couple of months too, which was definitely
refreshing and a summer highlight I wish there were
photos of. Miss you guys!