Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall Haps

Been slacking on the blogage, school and living come first.
Here is a taste of the awesome stuff of the last couple months.

First off, lets observe mike demonstrating how to wild
out on Halloween.

First you shred Burnside in a thong and wig.

Then you kick it at a epic backyard party.

Peeps will probably be getting stoney.

If you find a hot tub and you are awesome...
you get in.

If you are mike you also dance.

Once you have blown up the party you book it
to the next spot to see a Ramones cover band.

Rock Rock Rockaway Beach!

So... that was Halloween. Of course it started raining a
bunch too, so we have found ourselves
skating indoors at dept.

Crew- James, Craig, Dom and Ben.

I get hyped after Halloween when all the
jack-o-lanterns start to get all deformed.
Looks super cool.

Oh man! This is like torture to walk through
on the way to school. Its not even done yet
and they have got a security guy just standing
in the middle of the plaza. What a waste.

Saw Built To Spill and they were rad. The new album is good.
Doug Marsh was wearing a home made George Clooney T.

Been doing a bunch of this too, but I am totally over it.

Thanksgiving! Spent the day with Mike Emily and crew cooking
and listening to david Cross. This is what a real tofurky looks like.

Lots of good food.

Good peeps too.

The other day went to the best skatepark
in Portland with Dom and James.
Somebody's been putting effort into it...

Toast is a lay back rocker.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Camp 09!

No way! The last day at camp I lost my camera,
definitely did not expect to see any of these photos again.
Then a couple weeks ago I got a call from Sanch Bear
who had found it in between the seat in his truck. Then
Jason and shelby brought it back to PDX! So hyped.

Totum pole under construction

The Mega Mini

Unger busts a coal

Bad Jackson

Skatecamp fire department


Luciani creates a lip slide while Geniffer creates a mural

Is that Muska cutting boards with the kids?!

Will displays the final product

Ronnie doing work for the week video

Lake hike on Thursdays were rad for the kids
who got hurt.

One night my cabin had an epic shadow animal battle


This is by far the best graphic I saw this summer

Whats up deer?

Lake launch!

The mission to get to camp with Ben was awesome too.
Chilled in Oakland, bombed through the city and
haggled with a sketch electronics dealer to by a
fisheye. Then barged up to camp and headed straight
to the mega mini.

Thanks Eric!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your a dog!

Last week I was skating in the schoolyard across the street
and all of a sudden this bulldog rode by. This dog was ripping!
The owner said he had not taught her, she is newly
adopted. She found his board and started riding around
by herself! Super awesome.

Bully skating from Matt Yula on Vimeo.

This is the first video I took with the new camera and it cam out with the weird border? I don't know... Isn't new stuff supposed to be improved?