Saturday, January 23, 2010

Surfin Dude!

January 1st 2010, Decided to start the year off
proper and woke up for some dawn patrol on
the coast with Hoagie, Emily, and Mike.
This was my first surfing mission.

So.. yeah... surfing, that didn't end up going down.
We got about an hour and forty five minutes out of
Portland and funny smelling smoke began pouring
out of the engine of Hoagie's house car.
Luckily, we had a professional grease monkey on the
team. It looked like we were stranded in Albany, OR.

We stumbled across a reason to come back if we ever got
back on the road (It was also wet.)

Mike rules! He went into a car parts store speaking the
language and got a tip on how to rig the car by taking
a screw out or something and we were back on the road.
Actually, we drove across the street to the mall and
gave the car a break while we took photo booth pictures,
saw an Orange Julius, harassed the Zumiez staff, etc...
You don't want to see that. Pretty lame.

Tested the house car by rolling through the espresso spot.
Mike didn't think we should push it so we had to find a
way to salvage our mission.

Step one to saving the day: we were in Oregon, of course
there is a sick skatepark somewhere in town.

Our hopes of it drying off (so we could share the one
board we had with us) got shut down when
it started raining again. Mike didn't care.

Rain picking up. Going for it of course.

Pouring rain, on some Cardiel shit.
(zoom in on the photo and peep the rain drops)

Back in the car house on some back roads, taking it slow.
Hoagie played us some Phil Ochs 60's protest songs
and we watched the hills roll by.

Car cabin fever set in.
We needed to get RADICAL!

The other Oregon sure thing- NATURE.
These trees were swaying in the wind like grass.

Everyone was so stoked.
We hiked (read- walked on a path) to a gigantic
waterfall that was indescribably powerful due
to it being rain season in a rain forest.

Happy couple. Somebody get a frame!

Looking off the edge.
Crazy mist.

Organic sustainable board, brah.

Behind the falls the sound was insane and the spraying
water felt like getting caught in a downpour.

Amateur caving.

So sick.

Nature Boy...

Due to the enginge troubles the defogger was out.
Hoagie was so excited for the drive back!

He got us home Ace Ventura style. Thanks dude!
We went back to home base, made good food and watched
Last of the Mohicans to honor our waterfall.
Not to bad for a virgin surfing mission on new years day.