Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ska-hrma Bums

Last summer I got to work up at the Element Ymca
skatecamp. They put together a polished skate video
every week to give the kids something to get hyped 
on back home. This is my favorite of the weekly videos.
The steez skit throughout is super funny, towards the
end of the first camper skate section I got triples with a
couple campers and this is also the week that a runway
and kicker ramp gap was built over the fire! So epic.
Definitely takes meback to the time spent up in the woods.

You at least want to skip ahead to the fire jump session.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pirate Town

Hit up the renegade spot out by U of P last Saturday.

Ran into Bud who had a sweet motor bike. 

People have really been going for it building wise.
There was a lot of new stuff.

Mike Frontside rock. The slightly over vert.

Its kind of funny that directly across the river
from the largest urban forest in the U.S. 
people go out of their way to hang out in a
polluted wasteland.

Ben blunt fakie in the kink area.

We also stopped post burrito at Pier Park which
would have been more of a sesh pre burrito.
Mike got hit by a train (see video).

Pirate Town from Matt Yula on Vimeo.

Monday, January 19, 2009

San Fran

Bomb hills not countries.
Sean Young is still on the top of my list.

Met up with Sam Z. from skatecamp.
Super fun. Thanks for the tour bro.

Last stop skating was a quick sesh at Ft. Miley.
Phil Shao...

After being in 'Merica for two weeks it was rad
to be in a coastal liberal oasis with arty stuff 
all over the place.

Apparently, the OG. Philly steak is
actually in S.F.? Check the Trans America
building in the background for confirmation.
This mural reminded me of the kind of 
stuff you would draw in your notebook
in junoir high. Awesome.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My inner junior high sci-fi geek was
super amped on stopping in NM to
see some UFO freaks. All those nights
watching Unsolved Mysteries had me
imagining cool stuff in this town. 
Cool stuff there is, but you have to
get psyched on its cheeziness and
not really expect much going in.

Someone in town has a booming fake UFO
in the side of your business business.


Photos from here down are inside the
"international" UFO museum. The
exibits ranged from (mostly) elementary
school science fair quality to Planet
Hollywood like movie prop steez.

The piece above was presented as
evidence that ancient cultures were
down with UFOs...

Apparently if you drive to Area 51
you see nothing but desert, they
had the photos to prove it.

McMinnville UFO siting


Friday, January 2, 2009


Little Rock is one of the few places lucky enough to
have a legit seventies era skatepark pool still
going. Every time we visit getting a session at
 Kanis is on the top of my list. The fact that its very
similar to FDR in a lot of ways probably influences
how much I like this spot. Its got tight and awkward
trannys in addition to gnar poured deck coping
 all the way around.

In recent years, locs have begun motivating
the expansion of the park on a slab right
next to the old bowl. Here we have the most
 literal tomestone in skateboarding.
 Future creature ad?

This thing is really hard to skate. Zit/nipple.

Super good tranny on the back wall, looks like the
 begining of a bunker.

mine field. Peep the spinage.

On the other end of the park you have a sick tranny
to bank wall and a couple unforgiving j.b.'s.
 Going through the corner was sketch,
 only half assed an attempt.