Friday, September 26, 2008

A good barrier spot never gets old

This place has my vote for best new skatepark in Portland

A couple of still shots - isn't the delay on digital cameras SO annoying?
Miguel: ollie and bsts

Got some shots

Required arty shot for closer.

Monday, September 22, 2008


We went out to Hood River last week in search of apples, kind of the best snack on earth.

After getting shut down at a couple places we finally found
 an orchard that would let us pick our own.

They had tons of cool old style tools. Above are some cider making presses,
below a scale- duh.

The real treat was all the crazy decor at this place.

The highlight being this sick arrangement
featuring a painting of Ray Charles.
 The woman running the orchard got super bummed on me
 for taking a photo of it. For the rest of our time picking
 she was known as the apple Nazi:

It turned out the woman was the artist.
 I thought maybe she was self conscious, but really
 she thought I was going to pass the work off as my own. She made 
sure to point out to us that the work was signed.

Meredith- soo excited! That girl belongs on a farm.

Our bounty. Oh yeah, pears as well as apples.

We stopped at the skatepark on the way back through Hood River just
long enough for me to eat crap rolling, then
 rode off into the sunset.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Mikes new ride.


Met up with dudes at Bainbridge Island, some water cleanup and the sess was on.

Bainbridge has rad graffiti!

Next stop was a newish Grindline park in Port Angeles, WA. The park
 is a maze of 5ft to 10ft bowls all conected by do-able transfers,
 straight wall spines and curved spines. There were also some street
 obsticles along the edges. Here, Pool Boy frontrocks a 4ft wall with 2ft trannys.

Chris P crunchs the same wall

Next was Forks, WA; we camped there at a locals property. Bro time, making fire, tent city, morning bike rides to the nearest bathroom. The park was the best we hit, didn't get digi shots, but will post some video soon.