Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bagby hot springs

We made it out to those hot springs yesterday, definitely awesome. 
The drive out should have been about one hour fifteen mintues, but we got lost... a couple times. Once at the trailhead there is a 1 1/2 mile hike to the hot springs.

Fourtunately, the hike out to the spot is an amaizing walk though beautiful old growth forest.

I say walk, because the trail is actually a well maintained level path.

The contrast between the walkway and its suroundings is drastic; there was not even a stick on the path, but the rest of the terain was covered with downed trees and lush ground cover.

Further along, you cross a couple of wood bridges.

In addition to hot springs, there are also some swimming spots along the trail.

This was our favorite nook. Big-footprint?


The hike is over as you come upon hot springs which are diverted into hollowed out branches acting as plumbing for the bathhouses.

In addition to the giant downed trees, the camp includes two bathhouses. One with private one tub rooms and the other with a row of tubs in one big room. We chose the private room on account of all the naked hippies. SCARY. There is also a large group tub back in the woods. VERY SCARY.

Rustic plumbing. The stick on the bottom left is the plug.

The last picture says it all. The drive had worn me out and the hike, while amaizing, was still a mile and a half. Laying back in the hot water and looking up at the tree canopy (the bathhouses are leen-tos) was so good. Did I mention the tubs are hollowed out trees?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dudes '08

Hey guys, here is the stuff I got last week. Bro-cam did not come out enough, but Phil saved it.
Adam: Your boardslide was not on the cam. oops.